I am very disappointed in you UG. I've been an avid reader for around 7 years now and the website has gone downhill.
First of all, the adverts. The news articles are littered with ads that consume 75% of the page, then expand to cover the entire page only after you've started reading the article. So the reader is blasted with audio that can only be silenced by clicking the tiny, translucent 'x' button, and if you're a millimeter off, another ad is opened. So you create a terrible annoyance, then offer a 'fix' by telling the users that they can bypass the ads by paying for a service that used to be free.

Secondly, the "Music News" updates used to be up by around 930 or 10 EST but now I have to wait until 1230 sometimes before I see news-gems like, 'Matt Bellamy names baby 'bing' or 'Sexiest female vegetarian named' That is not music news, that is tabloid bullshit. On top of that, the articles themselves have become frequently cluttered with spelling and grammatical errors. Where are the editors?

In closing, 6 years ago, this website used to be the ****ing bee's knees. But now the only redeeming qualities are user-submitted (columns, reviews, lessons). So stop focusing so much on making money and try to focus on the music.
well....what did you expect? this is the pit.

/ \

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How about actually doing something rather than asking everyone here questions?
i am also disappoint with the lack of porn adverts. personally, lack of porn makes me hornier.

like, when i'm on this porn-less site, the only thing going downhill is my right hand

if you

know what i mean

(no, but seriously, some bans are extremely unjust and shittily rationalized imo, not counting mine)
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Sad truth is, shit has to be run by adverts. Hosting and bandwidth don't just pop out of nowhere.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Frankly I wouldn't give a fuck if every single pixel of the margins of this website were ads just as long as they don't fucking expand.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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You have balls. I like balls....(awkward silence)

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...but the rape never came
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I don't think the adverts are that bad (they wouldn't get in the way so much if UG was more than 600px-or-so wide), but I definitely agree about the tabloid shit articles - the articles here have really started going downhill.
Eh, I agree with the articles thing. Hunting for that little tiny X gets to be annoying as all hell. And shit has gone downhill, but UG is a website and a business. They have to make money.

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And inb4 adblock. I use it anyway.

Read the rules.

- You may not suggest or discuss the use of adblocking software on the forums. UG maintains its servers by ad revenue - in other words, these ads are the only thing that keep the website cost-free for you. The use of adblocking software is therefore detrimental to UG's much-needed maintenance revenue.
Punishment: Decided by the moderator. This usually results in a warning.

everyone uses it anyway.

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You're only contributing to the amount of shit already piled up in the PIT by posting your mundane letter here. Post it in the feedback forum if you want a real response rather than just to gain fame with your rebellious posts here in the PIT.
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Do you realize how much money UG needs in order to have tabs up?
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i bet you'll get in trouble for this. i've tried talking about the pop up/ ad issue before, but it mostly results in mods telling me i'm stupid and i'm not reporting them properly. and yeah, **** UG for this new UG Plus bullshit. you can go slide a fencepost up your ass if you think i'm gonna pay for your fancy "Plus" tabs, most of which aren't even available for the stuff i listen to. now that i think about it, do you even have permission to be profiting off of some of those? uh oh, here comes metallica....
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Sad truth is, shit has to be run by adverts. Hosting and bandwidth don't just pop out of nowhere.


UG is growing, and the only way to cover the costs is more adverts. Sad, but true.
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I'd like to see you try and raise a website like this, get it popular enough to have a large, varied fanbase, provide musicians with more than a fair share of information and resources, cover news articles (music related or not) and make it available to everyone. Without paying for anything.

Go on, try it. Let us know how you get on.
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...are you ts' multi, or just generally annoyed at the caps filter?
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