So the long story short is that I snapped one of the bridge pins on my acoustic guitar changing the strings about a week ago. It just sort of broke in half taking it out, I was using a peg winder and the pressure wasn't THAT bad, but I digress.

I ordered a new set of bridge pins straight from Fender. They look exactly the same. My family cannot tell the difference between any of them, and neither can I other than their functional failure. They list the product as used in "most Fender acoustic guitars". However, they do not fit. They are too small, and nearly sink through the hole when placed in. I had to take the A string and its pin out (the low E broke for reference) to remove the damaged pin, and the A string's pin still fits in the Low E's notch, so the bridge itself isn't damaged, the pins are simply too small. What the hell am I supposed to do now? How do I find bridge pins that fit since apparently the ones I ordered are useless? The exact model of my guitar should be in my sig if necessary.
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D'andrea tone pins. Best bridge pins ever. They are brass, so they won't snap.They are bigger than the fender ones, so they will fit too. They also add a little more treble to your sounds...well at least for me they did.