Hey, If Any of you have acquired this album (yours Truly) what are your thoughts.
Its much more reggae lyrically than sublimes old/original stuff. but still super chilled. only thing is in my opinion it lacks a certain magic that sublime had.

punk & ska forum, only sublime thread (i haven't been there ever but i imagine it has one)

also, i'm reluctant to listen to this album.
Go Veg.
I think it's a good album and Rome is a good singer, songwriter and guitarist but the album overall seemed a bit rushed and they didn't come out with too many great tracks. Paper Cuts and Panic are good but there are too many times when Rome tries to be like Brad (random talking in bridge of paper cuts, stupid effects in lovers rock and others), possibly to appeal to the older fans. A lot of the songs seem more mainstream and far too well structured to be the sublime sound, but overall it's an alright (debut?) album with some strong and some weaker tracks. I don't see why Wiz Khalifa needed to be on the album either.
they shouldve changed their name because all people are going to do is compare rome to brad. and lol at "much more reggae".

Quote by TheRampantWhale
I don't see why Wiz Khalifa needed to be on the album either.

who said he needed to be?
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