I run a guitar shop and every once in a while we come across something really odd.
Aaaand today... a guy brings in a Framus acoustic.

Framus... acoustic?

He did a little bit of research himself, but he's looking for a buyer and wants to know what someone might pay for it.

Picture time!

All original. Got these engraved tuners that I couldn't get pictures up and it was made in germany. Model number faded, so I can't quite tell what it is. The jack on it was removed, but he still has it. Appears to be some sort of Texan with a little bit of research but some more information would be awesome. Or better yet, a value.

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OK... I'll bite.

Back in the day, the Framus was revered by some as the end all-be all; nearly as hyped as Martin and most often compared to the top line Guilds.
You mentioned that "the jack was removed"? Assuming you mean that it is/was electrified...unusual for the time, so it *might* have been a later addition.

That unit looks pretty well beat up. Nasty wear at odd place on the headstock. Same with the root of the neck. Badly stained top wood at the bottom turns of the body; like it was stood up in oil somewhere.
Looks like a metal nut!?!? I never liked the short headstock and guide arrangement. Knew a few like that and were prone to popping strings. The bridge looks like it has the nickle "plates", so that's a plus. The head machines are prolly "German Silver" (nickle) too .

Figger what a complete restoration would cost ya, then check prices on some auction sites ta see if ya can make margin. If not? Leave it as-is for display/knocking about. Is it playable? They were known ta have lovely tone and were reasonably playable.

As it is, I'd give him a hundred bux, plus or minus; only because of the maker and *IF* it is in sound condition structurally. If he can supply provenance that Cat Stevens or Paul Stukey played it, all bets are off

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