Any suggestions?

I'm using a PreSonus Firestudio Mobile if that's any help.
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The akg perception 220 is great but if you could get the perception 420 used that would be even better
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sm58... best and cheeper.

For vocals, no. Nice try though

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For vocals, no. Nice try though

Rode NT1-A
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The answer is whatever sounds good with your voice. You can get a very usable result with an SM58... but more often than not a condenser is the way to go. It depends!
Using an SM58 requires a bit more mixing and altering after you recorded (not too much), but other than that it has worked great for me.
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Just to throw out something a little higher end, I LOVE the Shure SM7b. Killer mic, needs a lot of gain, but the sound works awesome on a lot of sources.
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Where did you find that for around $200? O.o

Used for around $200 all the time

As for the 58. Yes, its doable. Hell, you can record with a ****ing PC headset. But, it takes more work than it typically takes with a condenser mic.
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The correct response here is...

For what kind of vocals?

If you're doing just singing, definitely get a condenser. If you can find a used Sterling ST-79 in your price range, get it, they are awesome.

If you're doing just screaming, I'd go for a dynamic. It's a bit out of your price range, but a Shure SM7B will never let you down and you'll never have to upgrade. There are some screamers that sound great through condensers, and some that sound horrible, better to get a dynamic and have good results either way.

For a mix of both, it's up to you. I'd probably get one of each - A used AT4040 and an SM58.
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