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So you might've seen my thread where I said i got a new tc electronics bg500 115, and I just wanted to make sure I made the right choice on speakers( comes in 115 and 210 configuration) Can someone kinda explain the difference? I tend to like mostly deeper tones with scooped mids, so does that make the 15 seem more right for me? Anyway, any knowledge you guys have is appreciated, thanks!
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The size of speaker usually dictates how the lows come out of the amp. The larger teh speaker the bigger the bottom on, but go too big and it could flab out and get muddy. Smaller speakers usually get a tighter bass response until they get so small that there pretty much isn't any bass response left. You just have to find a nice middle ground to what you want.

I've never played through a 15" speaker, but i would imagine it would sound huge. But 2x10 will get you a really tight sound.
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I've used a1x15 combo for years, It had a great EQ on it, so I could get any tone I wanted from any bass. A lot of people including myself (soon) use a 4 ohm amp, with a 8 ohm 1x15, and a 8 ohm 2x10 or 4x10, to get a nice mix in an easy to carry load. If I were to pick only one, I think I'd choose the lighter one, unless one just stood out as must have.