Hey guys! I have a 12 string guitar. Unfortunately, someone appears to have gone in my room and messed with it as a string is broken >. It's one of the g strings, since there are two could I get awa with leavin one g strin off and only having one, until I can drive and get a new set? I have a fairly important gig tomorrow with a worship band and I don have the time to drive to the nearest long mqcuade. Thanks!
you should be ok really will just sound different but won't change the notes etc..

wtf is a worship band?
It should be fine, you just won't have that extra octave on the G. Not many people would notice it.

And funerallllllllll, a worship band is basically a religious band.
Depending which G string you broke the difference is going to be small to very small. It is also going to depend on whether the songs you need to play mainly involve strumming or individual picking (especially if it's on the G string.)

Practice the songs you need to play. If it sounds acceptable to you that's great, if not then you'd better make arrangements to get a replacement string.
I've had a string broken on my 12 string for a couple of weeks and have just been too lazy to replace it but, It is annoying however, you'll be fine like these guys say.