Hey guys,
Been playing guitar for about 6 years now and as i get more into music i want to make more so I'm gonna give songwriting a go. Ive never wrote lyrics/poetry before so how should I approach it? Should I just try to write songs about anything and everything or when I'm 'inspired' to.
Write a story that says what you wanna say in plain speech, then use that to figure out how to say things with a little more mystery or drama or with a harder punch. Play around with "slant" rhyming (its okay to fudge it a little so things still flow... everyone does this).
just for the record, lyrics writing is very different from poetry.

and the best ways, in my opinion, to write something is to get a chord progression.

or "hear" something in my mind and then play and write it.
and yet another opinion: sometimes I have a chord progression, sometimes I don't. Being more lyric directed, I usually get a phrase or 'verbal riff' that starts me out and take it from there.

Ask 100 people, you'll get 100 different answers. Play around, have fun, see what works for you; there are no songwriting police ~
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Pretty much what lmcd and fifopher said. I like to write stories and then write lyrics sometimes, rather than just writing lyrics straight and trying to tell a complete story like that(it ends up being clunky). Sometimes I start lifting chunks from poems and other things I've written and build a song around that. Sometimes I write out a bunch of stuff and slice the page into pieces, then re-arrange it.
i suggest you go read the stickies in the S&L Techniques section. there's some good advice there. also read the rules of the forum while you're at it: this is the wrong place for this type of thing. if you still have more questions make a thread in the techniques subforum.