Hello all,
Does anyone know a good brand of strings that last long, sound great over long periods of time, and can withstand the hardcore abuse from a double locking tremolo? I dont really know what to go for and suggestions would be nice.


in my floyd equipped guitars I generally use elixers or other coated strings. for the most part, strings arent going to keep you in tune better or anything (unless you use the cheapest strings available right now).

I actually dont like the tone of elixers much, but since they take forever to rust I dont have to restring often (+ imo for floyd roses).

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Apparently Zakk Wylde 'boomers' are good for Floyd Rose systems and the like.
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Doesn't matter dude. I've been using standard 9-46 sets of ernie ball and daddario for years. Haven't had one problem with breaking or wearing out.

What really matters is how much acid and oils are in your hands. If you sweat a lot, and have oily skin, strings won't last long no matter what brand you use. As for breaking, make sure there or no sharp edges around the nut or the string saddles - this is the #1 cause of string breakage.

Don't believe the hype. I've tried most string brands out there (even mix/matched a few) and they are all pretty much the same save for a minor sound difference.
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I used 9 - 42 D'addario on my RR3 for 3 years without changing.. could still whammy with them.
Finished restringing them a few days ago and haven't need retuning at all since putting the new strings on.
I can't recommend them enough.
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