I am starting a band with a few friends... but we could use a few tips to set us on our way
dont lose time with people that cant play their instrument and people who arent serious at rehearsal
HAVE FUN. I'm in a band and satisfaction and enjoyment comes first. Of course, we don't all really need money so we can be very selective about gigs we do. Do a few cover performances to get started, then have someone record a few performances. Sit down as a band and listen to the performances. Try to identify your strengths and weaknesses and your overall style of playing. Then pick a style you would like to write songs in. You don't need to stick to this style 100 percent but it's nice to have a reference and something you can fall back on in case that new style you were trying out in your basement happens to be a failure. Lastly, expect tension and prepare for it. A band is like a relationship.