Ive never seen these in person. How do they differ from the normal jazz IIIs? Also can you get them with the grips on them?
The only difference is that they are made of Ultex. If by "the grips" you are refering to the ridges on the max grip picks, no. They make max grip Jazz III's, and they make Ultex jazz III's, but they don't make Ultex picks with the max grip ridges. I use either the Ultex Jazz III's or the Eric Johnson Jazz III's and they both have lettering on both sides that really helps hang on to them. Unless you have an incredibly soft touch and drop your pick every 30 seconds, they should have all the grip you need.
I keep going back and forth between the Ultex Jazz III 2.0 and the Jazz III max grips... I can't decide which I love more!
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