As I have no microphones for recording my amp, I resorted to using the Zoom G9.2tt multi fx processor as my audio interface and for my guitar sounds. I have seen youtube clips of people using it that sound pretty decent, however when i record with it all of the distortion sounds sound like utter crap!! Does anyone else have experience using one of these for recording that can explain how to set it up properly? I'm using it with Audacity.
well first of all, try and get a decent sound going into your recording program (pro tools, cubase, reaper, etc) and then make sure that it doesn't sound too distorted/muddy/bad. if you can dial in a decent sound on the zoom, you can get an even better sound by working with the EQ, compression, limiting, and so forth in the program itself.
hope this helps, it was a big issue for me too when i first started recording.

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thanks for the reply. Thats just it, It sounds fine through my amp when I'm recording it, but when I play it back...it sounds horrible!!!
You should turn down the Energizer and accelerator knobs. Worked wonders for me.
You also have to make sure you are not clipping the sound so turn the volume on the Zoom down a bit.

Hope this helps.
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