Headphones for playing through an amp/mixing/practice/recording/general usage.

Hey UG,
Today I may pick up some new headphones and I just wanted a third party opinion

These are the options I have atm (all prices AUD)
KRK KNS6400 Studio Headphones $159
Sennheiser HD280Pro Studio Headphones $189
AKG K-99 $99

Any others I should take a look at?
I'd second the Sony's

My only problem with them was that they were not as comfortable as the Sennheisers (my personal favorite). I prefer my phones to sit somewhat tight and snug while I found the Sony's to have a much lighter touch. They could have just been older and worn out though.

Sound wise, they're both excellent.
NOT BEATS. THEY'RE AWFUL. get sennheisers, they're the greatest for the price.

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The Koss series are very cheap and very good.

You should consider checking them out. Got mine for 50 $ , and they sound way way better than my skull candy's for 120 $
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I love my Senn 280s. I've head the Sonys get a lot of nice reviews and I'm sure that's true, but be aware that they won't block room noise as well as the HD280 Pros.

I've been using two cans in my studio for years and still suggest both of them to buyers.
- Sennheiser HD280 Pro
- Grado Labs SR80

I think the SR80s have a better sound quality but they don't block sound from the room at all with their open design.
Skullcandy Hesh. They cost about $60, and not to mention they look cool.
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Skullcandy Hesh. They cost about $60, and not to mention they look cool.

not to mention they sound like shit

Moody & Murader have been the only 2 to post anything good. Also, you said for mixing. You don't use headphones for mixing. If you plan on making a somewhat good quality mix, spring for monitors.
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I've decided on the KRK KN6400
anyone have any experiences with these and if so how is the noise cancelling?