Well, I'm not a TOTAL noob, I've been messing with recording for a while. I have a Behringer X1622usb mixer to catch the miced cab. I am running a fairly decent amp, the mic is a AKG D112. Here is where the problem comes in, I'm not running a very good DAW so that might be the problem, but I have to turn down the recording level in my "Control Panel" of my computer to eliminate clipping. But the only thing that does is make my tracks too quiet and if i try to up the volume, it clips. They aren't THAT quiet but they are not as loud as they should be compared to other band recordings. DON'T TELL ME TO NORMALIZE IT, I DO!! Sorry for the Novel, please help!
You should be setting the gain initially on the interface first
Then you may have a stronger sound to play with
Otherwise you may need to work with compressions, gains, Eq and mastering to boost some volume with out clipping
well, i am setting the gain on the interface, but i'll try the compression and stuff, thanks
There are a lot of things that make up good guitar tone on record. Also, the volume that you hear on modern releases is due to a lot of work in the mastering chain.
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AHH, i've found something that should help, if i "apply trimming" on my DAW i can turn the volume up and it doesn't clip!!
First off - Why are you using a bass drum mic for recording guitar?

Second - I'm confused on what you're doing here, the volume on your computer should make no difference to the input signal coming from your interface. You should be setting the volume on the interface to where it doesn't clip.

Third - What DAW are you using? You mention it's not great, but you don't say what it is. Download Reaper, it's "free" (you'll have to wait for it to count down 5 seconds at each launch, but it will work 100% forever), there's no reason you should have to run a "not so great" DAW, with a great, "free", alternative available.
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