I'm planning to cut a new pickguard for my MIM Strat, and have ran into a potentially neat idea.
I plan to make the pickguard with a bridge humbucker, neck single coil, single volume with 3-way lever switch. (a lot like an 80's style guitar.)
So I thought, would I be able to take the stock single coils, (this is a 98 model, with the hotter pickups) and make a stacked humbucker?
Preferably, the neck and middle pickup(the RWRP one), which have very similar output, take the magnets and pole pieces out of one, set it up beneath the unaltered pickup, then wire them together so that it is a hum canceling stacked humbucker?
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Anymore thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
I know it will probably work, but will it sound okay since the other coil will be below the main one, and without it sharing polepieces?
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Does sound like a cool idea. Should work, but not exactly sure what the output will sound like. Might have to just give it a go..

But I have a question for ya...
I need to cut two custom pickguards for my own projects and am running into some obstacles... what material do you plan on using and where's the best place to get it? I hate to spend $20 plus (online) for a sheet of laminated plastic. Also, what's the best way to cut it and bevel??

Saw your thread and just figured I'd ask.
Well that's the thing.
I don't know why it's so hard to come by a sheet of freakin plastic.
It's some kind of old stuff from who knows where.
I've used storage tub lids and dog cage tray things before though.
And I use a dremel to shape it, gotta be patient and mark out what you're cutting with a marker, and a metal file to bevel.
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Ok cool, thanks. I'll just give it a shot. I thought i was the only one crazy enough to cut up storage tubs haha.. just wanted to get a second opinion. GL with your project.
Quote by Chaos-Serenade
And I use a dremel to shape it, gotta be patient and mark out what you're cutting with a marker, and a metal file to bevel.

I've used a jigsaw before and it worked fine. Just make sure you clamp it down enough. I also used a metal file and sandpaper to bevel.
The polepieces are inserted into the plastic bobbin.
I may not be able to fall through with my idea, because the stacked pickup appears to be too tall for the control cavity...
I may end up putting a plain old Ibanez single coil in instead.
The thing about it is, it reads roughly 10K on an ohm meter, that's surprisingly hot for a single coil!
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