EDIT - New song! check it out http://soundcloud.com/the-big-hoots/brash-demo

Recorded a couple new songs, please tell me what you think of them and i'll do the same for you. Everything was recorded and played by me, recorded on a rock band usb mic.

click here!


and here's another song that i'm pretty proud of that recorded a while ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NNRE8UECLc
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Give it a shot - The rockband mic never ceases to amaze me! The quality is surprisingly good, did you do the drums as well? The composition is great, the bass line stands out here, it cuts through the mix nicely, and works well with the chorused guitars. My only recommendation would be to add vocals on top.

Life is easy - Cool guitar tone from the start, nice harmonies as well. The drums are pretty standard to be honest, but that's not necessarily a bad thing if you are looking to add vocals on top. If this is going to be instrumental, I would recommend perhaps beefing the drum part up a bit. But nicely done, another good composition, with very good structure.

Great overall! Rockband mics are a good place to start, but I think you should consider professional equipment if you are looking for a more polished sound

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Yeah I did do the drums as well, and i've been looking for someone to do vocals over top of both of the songs.
Thanks a lot for your feedback, it's good to hear what other people think of my music, and I would really like decent equipment but can't afford it!
Life is easy - Good guitar tone, nice lo-fi indie vibe. definitely missing some vocals, but cool sound. I dont think the "decent equipment" is needed. I like the lo fi sound, just work with it. With some distorted beachy vocals this could sound really cool. Song title fits the song too.

Give it a shot - Im astounded this was all recorded on a rock band mic. Pretty tight shit. I really like the beachy feel of this one too. Feels a little emptier melody-wise than the first one. Vocals would take care of that tho.
Good stuff

C4c please: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1462564
Life is easy- really sweet! It's very catchy, makes me nod my head with it! It feels very summery to me. Nice tone and good use of dynamics.

Whatever- I really like this one! Those riffs are raunchy man, and I love that gritty guitar tone. The title fits perfect, it is such an I don't give a **** song. Love it!
I honestly don't have any real suggestions, I think you know what you're doing, you definitely have your sound.

I'd like some feedback on mine if you have time https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1462874 It's my first one ever, be gentle!
thanks a lot guys! I think i'm going to give singing a go soon, with some effects i think it should sound pretty good. I'm glad you guys appreciate the sound!
Life is Easy: Very nice!! I really do like it. I think it would be polished off nicely with some lyrics. Nice job with the drums, I thought they fit the piece very nicely, and on the 'professional equipment' i think it sounds just fine the way it is, fits the style real well
Life is Easy has a really awesome catchy vibe. It definitely need vocals. I was trying to sing some stuff along to it because it just seems like it'll be a really awesome song once it has that missing element. Only thing I'd say is that the straight eighth note power chord parts can be a little repetitive sometimes, but I really enjoyed this!
I really like the Life is Easy sound, title reminds me too much of the brand lite 'n' easy though.

Keep it low fi :P It's pretty acceptable for the gear you used. Not radio quality production but would certainly fit within a classics collection of songs.

Great tune, find some vocals!
Listened to both on your profile. Great song structuring on both tunes. Use of melody is fantastic. I'd love to hear these with vox on them. Great us of dynamics throughout both songs.

I wish I could give a longer crit, but in all actuality I really liked the songs and I'm not sure what more I can say but that. Great work. Very enjoyable.

Here's a link to a thread mine. I'd appreciate a comment, even if it's a quick one:

And once again, very nice job.
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listened to both of the songs, and i really enjoyed! they are really easy to listen too and catchy. the drumming is solid throughout and with vocals on top would be perfect. i love the ending to give it a shot - tops of some great progression in the song. i enjoyed life is easy too. are you performing all the instruments? cant wait to hear with singing bro good work!
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I agree with some of the above stuff about Life is Easy having a cool summer type vibe to it. Really cool song, although it could use some vocals and I'm not into the 16th note hi-hat beat, I don't feel like it really works in the song.

Thanks for the comment on my thread!
Thanks a lot for your input dudes, yes i am performing all instruments, recording in my basement.
Life is Easy - Hmmm yes could use some vocals, some great great ideas you got going on here. I love rhythm chord changes like that a lot. I use them all the time. I'll agree with the 16th note high hat beat not really fitting, but I don't know what else could go there. I would play the bass a little harder and make it more punchy, maybe a little gain would do nice. And some more on the guitar, it sounds a little weak during the chord changes. I'd make the drums louder as well. But the song is super awesome, you have a great ear, should definitely get in a band or something, or at least sing or find someone who can.

Give It A Shot - Nice guitar work, it's very nice. It's got a catchy vibe:p The bass sounds smexy as well, thats how I wanted it to sound on the last one! Other than that it just goes for what I said about the last one. The second to last chord was kind of odd sounding, but then the ending made me like it so I guess thats good?

Anywho check out my song
Hey man. I like the sound overall, just a couple of things.

I reckon Life is Easy needs vocals, or at least an interesting melody for the listener to engage with. I like the guitar and the tone, but find myself losing a bit of interest further down the line.

Give it a shot - I prefer. Still no vocals but it has more variety (break-downs, melodies, ace bassline) so I felt it was a lot more engaging. Push this sound more (in my opinion).

Hope that helps. Would appreciate you checking out my band:

Digging the sound. Only thing wrong is the quality and the lack of vocals.
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Good tunes and smiles right here
Thanks for all the feedback guys. I got a lot of stuff in the works right now so expect some more songs.... soon.