I've been singing for about 3 months now, no lessons or anything as of yet, but I've been doing a lot of personal research and practice. I have to ask those who can sing well; how should my throat (+other related body parts) feel while singing?
if u are singing correctly (not like axl rose) then your throat should not feel like anything,. no tension at all. u should feel relaxed and let the breath flow from you freely. The force should come from your diaphram(stomach muscles) have fun
Yeah, speech level's definitely cool. If you're in school, join a choir, they should be semi easy to get into (if you're a guy and have a decent ear), and the director will (hopefully) be able to train you up nice and proper.

Anywho, basically, no tension. The muscles in your neck should be relaxed. Your throat should not get soar after singing. (At least not alarmingly so) You shouldn't be swallowing your tongue. And read up on the Passagio. That crap is hard to do with no guidance. And it's just hard as hell in general.

And pretty much one of the most important things is: Your larynx shouldn't move.

That's your Adams apple if you've never heard it called that.

Good luck man, singing will help you with every other instrument you ever learn.

PS As far as personal research goes. Remember to take everything you read with a grain of salt. There's a lot of people out there on the internet giving out misinformation.
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relaxed as if you wasnt singing at all. I would not recommend speech level singing unless its in your most comfortable range. But even at that i dont think its a good way to develop technique.

Your doing your own research thats great. heres a link for ya

www.thebelcantotechnique.com - also see links and resources

bel canto does not just apply to opera look at the singer from helix, Brain volmer in links and resources

There is some slightly misleading information in some of the previous posts that I think may be confusing for someone seeking advice about singing. There is a difference between muscle 'tension' and muscle 'strain'. When singing into a high register past your passage area there is naturally chord tension...which is required in vocal chord closure. Strain is an issue when improper teqnique is applied by forcing the larynx (Adam's apple) up or down. When 'yawning' the larynx is forced down which is definately the incorrect position just as swallowing causes the larynx to shoot upward. You can place your inger on your Adam's apple right now and test this. The Larynx should be in the most steady stable position possible in order to avoid strain and injury in the voice and develop a well connected voice.

Hope this helps m1tch4444.
Quote by klay2000
When 'yawning' the larynx is forced down which is definately the incorrect position

It's only forced down if you do it incorrectly. The idea is to "lift the throat," (ie. not actually the throat itself, obviously, but the muscles, uvula, etc. around it) - not drop the jaw or anything else.

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