Up for sale is my hand-made mockingbird shape bass. Brand new

Body: Purpleheart/pine laminated, carved, purpleheart cavity cover. Custom mockingbird inlaid in (not a sticker). Satin tru-oil finish. Lovely resonant tone.

Neck: Maple/rosewood, 34" scale, 20 fret. Purpleheart headstock, dot inlays. Satin tru-oil finish. Very smooth and fast neck, non sticking finish.

Schaller BML tuners, black 20:1 ratio
Electronics: Bass humbucker, CTS pots (1x volume, 1x tone), orange drop cap, 3way switch (series/split/parallel). Can get a great range of sounds out of the switching and tone controls.
Top mount bridge.

Please note, doesnt have knobs in these photos, but has been fitted with black bell-shaped knobs.

Make me an offer?

Brand new, built this year, the build thread is in the gear building and customising forum if you'd like to see


I am based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Widownz - I never received your message so I sent one to you myself

How did that not sell? If I had enough in my bass fund to cover customs etc. I'd have bid.
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