I want to learn some hardcore that doesn't require drop tuning. Most of the stuff I play is in C if not lower. One band who I have been learning stuff from recently is As Cities Burn who play in drop D. Does anyone know any other good stuff that isn't drop tuned to f**k?

Dillinger is the obvious answer BTW so don't say them!
I'm pretty sure Touché Amoré plays in drop D a half step down. So it'd be like if you tuned your guitar a half step down, and tuned the Eb string down a whole step. I'm not one hundred percent incontrovertible on this, as I just vaguely recall it. It's worth a look into, I guess.

I don't play guitar much anymore, much less hardcore, so I'm not much help.
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Gallows, Have Heart
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Dont La Dispute play in drop D? Have Heart, Kid Dynamite, Gorilla Biscuits and whole bunch of other hardcore is in standard, Verse is half a step down, so is Cruel Hand and Ceremony. Trapped Under Ice and Trash Talk play in D Standard
Too many bands to mention play in standard/drop D, but heres a few anyway:
The Effort, Daylight, Trash Talk, Defeater, Basement, Dangers, Dmize, Hang The Bastard (raw sorcery not hellfire reign), Modern Life is War, Break Even, Vera, Cold World, Have Heart, Title Fight, Swamp Thing, Trapped Under Ice, Crossbreaker, Down To Nothing, Transit, Verse, More Than Life, Life Long Tragedy, Ruiner, Hopeless, Almost Home, Bane, I can't be arsed to think of more, but you get the idea, a shitload of bands play in regular tunings.
Johnny you play PtH? For some reason I never saw that. :P

Also yea, La Dispute plays in Drop D, and their songs are fun to play.
Protest plays half step down. I just play them in Drop D and adjust.

La Dispute plays Drop D

I'm pretty sure Defeater plays D standard.

Pianos Become the Teeth play in E standard/Drop D so you might want to learn a bit of their stuff.
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Johnny you play PtH? For some reason I never saw that. :P

Well try to, bass wise anyways. Use to have 'Bury the Hatchet' down, don't know if I still could though as I've gotten into more slow/sad playing.
well if you like As Cities Burn (They are one of my favorite bands) then you'd like Hawkboy (Pretty much the same band) and Thrice I think one of their guitarist plays in drop D. A Skylit Drive plays drop D, some A Day To Remember also plays drop D