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So shiny and knobby

It's a Bugera 333 212 Combo.

Picked this baby up today for $549 bucks (down from $999) which is a significant saving methinks. Anyway, the usual stuff, 3 channels, 120w, two Bugera 12" speakers.

The cleans on this are soooo much better than those on the 6262, the other amp I considered. They're so much warmer, and sound great with chorus (more of that later) and the reverb. Takes pedals extremely well, my fuzz factory sounds so full through it. It takes the Dirt Transmitter well too, I can use it like an overdrive to get a really cool vintage sounding crunch going.

The crunch channel is what sold me the amp. The crunch on the 6262 isn't foot-switchable, something that is a must for me. It's a fantastic channel, nails the Feeder tones I wanted from it. Sounds quite British for an amp running 6L6's stock, and I love it. The display amp in the store had a busted volume pot for this channel, but they had another in stock (luckily) which works perfectly.

Finally, the lead channel. I play pretty heavy alt-rock, and also some punk/pop-punk, and occasionally dabble in metal. This nails all of those tones for me. It can go from a Muse-esque heavy distortion, to Porcupine Tree, to Karnivool, to Killswitch Engage with ease, and I'm sure it can do anything short of Sludge/Doom. It's very responsive, and very tight, which I like in a high gain amp.

The EQ on all the channels is active I think, either that or it's very well engineered because the controls are very interactive and quite sensitive actually, it may take a while for me to get something that's pristine, but it sounds pretty good to me at the moment.

Reverb is decidedly average though. It goes from none at all, until about 12o'clock where it becomes "Large Room", through to about 3o'clock where it becomes unusable for anything other than cleans. Even then, it gives you a headache.

Haven't really messed with the dampening feature yet, but I haven't needed to. I suppose once the speakers are broken in I'll mess around with it.

Oh, and it's got a year of replacement warranty, and a 2 year free repair warranty

It's bloody heavy though

Ok. Part 2:

NPD! Easily Broken Cheap delay (apparently)

On the top left of my board you'll notice the new pedal. A Behringer Vintage Time Machine. It's a clone of the EHX Deluxe Memory Man, and it's a decent clone too. It sounds really good considering it was only $98 bucks (Australian ) The chorus mode is really lush, sounds excellent when playing slide. I'm not a huge fan of Vibrato, so I've not really used much before, though it sounds alright (I've nothing to compare it to though )

Delays are great, it oscillates very easily though when the feedback is above about 2o'clock. My only wish is that it had a very slightly longer delay time, but 450ms is plenty for my needs, and since it's an analogue delay I can't complain. It does a very nice tape echo sort of sound, with very light chorus and feedback. It sounds very good in the loop of the 333, especially since you can mess with the send and return levels so you don't overload the delay.

All In All, I'm very happy with today's purchases, especially for the price I payed for them. This rig will now stay pretty much the same until I get rich/leave university, due to budget issues, but also the fact I don't really need anything more. The 333 is beautifully versatile, does pretty much anything I want it to do, and my pedalboard is basically where I want it to be.

Oh, and to all the haters. Joe DeLaney, the guy who did the demo of the 333 on Youtube/WorldMusicSupply, he sold me the amp. Rock on Joe.
You mean NAD right? Anyway congratulations are in place.
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Looks awsome man! HNAAPD!
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Happy NAAPD!
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