I've just come on here to download a guitar pro tab like I've done for the last 5yrs only to find some trial bs. Can someone care to explain?? Absolutely atrocious if it's what I think it is...
I think I know what's going on, that's one of UGs new features for people who subscribe to the site (can't remember the name of the app it is). Keep scrolling down the page and on the right hand side you should see I button to download the tab.
Thank man, I see what's gonig on now, they're trying to enable users to use GP5 file types without requiring the software. I like the idea but they shouldn't charge for it when it's another companies technology/file type (I couldn't care less about guitar pro's profits, more the fact UG are making unfair profit). They're not risknig a lawsuit by doing this are they?
Nah the format of the page changed and the hyperlink for the tab is completely surrounded by ads which I usually don't focus on.