OK, so I have a few builds on (1 guitar, currently 2 amps but one is almost done) and I'm collecting materials to breadbox some self-designed-effects and I need cash flow to continue most of them.

So I'm digging out my first electric and using it to a) boost my skills and b) do up and sell on. This was my only electric guitar for... 13 years and I played it hard, so it's pretty beat up. Setting myself a time limit of the end of August to keep me focused.

Here's a list of things I plan on doing:

* Refinish the body black, probably gonna be sating finish as that's what I have for the other build and trying to keep costs to a minimum.
* Get a new tortoiseshell pickguard for it (tortoise on black just looks awesome).
* New Pickups/rewire.
* Reshape the headstock, sand the whole neck back smooth (it's full of dents) and refinish.
* New nut.
* Replace string trees with a retainer bar.
* Do a full scallop on the fretboard (this particular item may make it tricky to sell but I'm interested in the practice)
* It could use a refret too but we will see how much cash I have available to get the proper tools.

Here's a pic of the bits as they are now, not really done much to it yet

Here's my first attempt at a scallop, it's a little uneven on the edge but the actually fingering area is pretty smooth, will see if the sanding drum on my dremel can neaten it up. 1 down 20 to go

(and check out the detail on that carpet )

Also considering a fair number of pickup configs, but the two I'm most likely to do one of are:
* H with DPDT on/on/on toggle for Series/Split/Parallel. 1 Volume, Hi-cut Tone, Lo-cut Tone.
* HSS with 3 way selector for Neck and Middle, 1 Master Volume, 1 Bridge Volume, 1 Master Tone.
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