I live out in Japan, want to buy a spare guitar (now using old USA Strat Plus as main), and am interested in these 2 guitars, but clueless as to what they are!

One is a Japan Strat, the shop label says "Stratocaster AGT", but I can't find out a thing about it.

The other is a Yamaha, and that's all the info. I know about it. Twin humbuckers, volume control, and selector switch. Maybe the model is MG...something....

Anyone any ideas on model names and numbers please?

I want to choose between these two, and a Yamaha RGX521, which is mint, $200.
Yami 1.jpg
Yami 2.jpg
Jap Strat 1.jpg
the strat is an "antigua" strat, also known as "flem-burst". and i want it.

i believe it's a reissue of a limited run 1978-1979 finish. ippon will know for sure.

there is a later version that is a clapton sig, fender CS limited run of 100. (i sold one of them i'm proud to say when i worked at sam ash).

the yami is a 80's shredder model iirc that they made for a few years, it bombed.

how much is the antigua?
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Are you sure you're not working for the shop?!

Thanks for the info. They're asking for $500, not likely to get any discount over here. It's mint though, and you're already starting to convince me.