I am just beginning to learn how to play guitar - bought a used Hohner HW420G-NT from local craiglist. Came with a soft case, extra strings, picks, korg tuner, and stand. I thought it was really pretty so I was happy paying the $60 the seller was asking.

I googled around but found limited to no information on this guitar - can anyone shed some light on what I have? Did I get a good guitar? Price seem ok?

Thanks a bunch. This is the first guitar I have ever held much less played, so far I am enjoying learning how to play!
I can't tell you anything about the guitar, but 60 dollars for a gigbag, a set of strings, picks, tuner and a stand PLUS a guitar is really really cheap atleast! All those things excluding the guitar itself easily exceed the 60 dollars.

Now that I think of it, I've actually got an old Hohner lying around myself, an electric Stratocaster-model, about which I can't really find any information either.

But for that price your guitar obvbiously isn't a tip-top one, but since you're just starting to play it's probably enough for you right now
I own a Hohner HW420G-CS (Cherry Sunburst) and like it just fine. I also paid 60 bucks gig bag, strings etc. It sounds best by far with heavier strings unfortunately. Lights dont give much volume, and the tone is unbalanced from string to string. Ive owned it for about a year and a half now. Someone made a lame attempt at lowering the action, and I had to shim up the bridge when I first got it, but no problems since then. I intend on keeping it as a travel, and second guitar.