got this yesterday great playing and sounding guitar.... got it for cheap.... did not have much time to play it last night but plan on it today... but so far it sounds nice.. i plan to give it a good set up and new strings on it... today also... dont know much about these guitars can anyone give me some info on this guitar's ... thanks...

small review...

the kneck feels smooth and plays fast, i got super low action with it with out fretbuzz got it to about 1.3MM at the 12th fret, i love the hipshot trem peavey put on this, while i dont use the trem much it held tune good.. the stock pups have a decent sound, but will upgrade them latter on down the road, the finish on this is awesome, it also has grover tuners, i may end up putting locking tuners on it latter on... thats all i have for a review for now once i get a chance to play it more i can post a more detail review...
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HNGD! Looks great!
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