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How do you find you own strumming technique

Just try out different things? Have fun with it!
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How do you find you own strumming technique

there are obviously lots of different strumming patterns, it can be quite hard for a begginer to strum some "hard" strumming patterns, especially when he doesnt know the basic theory of rhythm etc.

if you're struggling with strumming i suggest you look up some begginer guids and look through them, reading something for an hour can save you days of work

anyway i'll tell you some basic strumming patters in 4/4 meter which means 4 beats in 1 bar. so

you would strum it like this (d=downstrum, u=upstrum)

1 2 3 4
d d d d

that is the basic strum pattern, more complicated forms are

1 2+ 3 4+

so in this case 2nd and 4th beat are diveded between an down and up strum, which means both D and U strum of the 2nd and 4th beat should last equally as just the D strum in beats 1 and 3
Way back when I started, folk music was a "big thing" and many basic instruction books went into great detail on various strumming patterns.
That's because most of the folkie stuff didn't feature a lot of fancy licks and single-string work; so to provide some interest you used different patterns.
Check out your local library for some older instruction books or perhaps YouTube for some of the folk artists popular in the 60s and early 70s.