My grandad knows someone who is selling a drumkit. I don't know any specs (don't even know if it's electric or acoustic). He has told me and my cousin about it as we were at my grandad's house today. He has offered to talk it over with my grandma about paying for it, as long as it goes to one of our houses. They said that we could store it at there house, as long as it goes to either mine or my cousin's house. We discussed it with them and they agreed that we could store it at there house over weekends and take it to either of our houses in the weekdays.

My cousin's mother (my auntie) is quite strict was hard to persuade to allow him to get a guitar amp. My parent's aren't quite that bad plus space is an issue, but my cousin has even less room than me.

Is it worth the hassle of shifting it every weekend back to my nan's place? I'm not a full time drummer, my main focus is guitar but I always end up drumming in sessions at my school and I'm alright at it. I would really want a drumkit but would it be worth the hassle to move it to my house, then back after 5 days of usage every other week?
it would all depend on the quality and the drum kit, and if you even care enough about drumming to go through all that trouble.

if your grandparents have already bought it I would try it for a few weeks, but if they haven't, just talk it over with your cousin, and you grandparents about all the effort it would take, and see if you care enough about drumming to have them buy you the kit.

just my thoughts anyway
I know not every town has one, but if you do, then you should check out a local storage facility.
Usually I have my kit setup for when I KNOW I'm going to practice/play it that week. But even if i'm a little unsure, it goes into storage to save space and hassle, and stays there until I can play it again.
Another option is to take it to a friends place maybe?

Like above, I really do think it depends on the kit and quality of it. If it's an old pearl masters maple or something along those lines, then I'd definitely go through the hassle providing the condition is good. Because even if you decide to get rid of it, it won't be a complete waste of time and money
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