Was learning the solo in Reflections Through Fire (Sylosis) and all going well getting it up to speed and then after about an hour or 2 of playing my left hand decides not to cooperate anymore. Even with me focusing crazily hard i could not play what i wanted to play, even though i had been playing the same lick 15 mins before.

Im not really the soloing type so my hands probably are just not used to it.

Anyone else run into problems like this ?? lol
Jup, also not really a soloing type :-p
Just give your hand a little rest for a while and continue, that usually works for me!
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Same sort of thing has happened to me. Simply slow it down until you can play it confidently.
If you're playing the same lick for 1-2 hours, your hand is probably just exhausted. I've found when I was learning how to sweep I'd get good, and then an hour and a half in of repetition I saw it start to deteriorate. Pick it up again later, you'll probably be back to where you were earlier.
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Look at it like weight lifting. Progress will come after recovery in a few days. Its completely insane to think that you'll see the improvement in THAT session. You won't. Stop thinking like that, you're only asking to hurt yourself. Put in the work, and then put it away.

It's not the stupid fingers....look closer at your understanding of practice, and you won't have this issue.