so i've got a few job interviews in the next couple of weeks and i've got a pretty high chance of getting at least one of them, so naturally, i started GASing...

first i thought about "what guitar to buy" but then i thought, f*ck it, i'll mod up a guitar.


planning on buying a squier or equivalent low-end strat (black with a white pickguard and RW neck) and modding it to look like John Mayers Black1 strat [picture] note the gold hardware, and obviously the big dipper p-ups. while i'm NOT going to get big dipper p-ups and throw them into a squier or equivalent standard guitar, i thought why not get something that sounds bluesy and good.

so was looking at the SSS p-ups on http://www.axesrus.com/axepickup.htm#Scoils and couldn't choose between the "blues tubes" in gold (which look and sound f'kin awesome but not black1 style) or "class act 60's" some advice here would be nice please? £42 for either set so not too bad and sound quite nice

also was going to replace the bridge with a gold BS108 Fat Block roller trem which are £26.00 or if that won't fit a BS113 zinc block in gold i'm sure will, and they're £23.50
will the first one fit or would i have to do too much to make it fit with it having only 2 screw holes rather than 6?

was also going to throw on some "schaller style 6-in-line machine heads" which are £18 the set link
about half way down the page, will these be any good do you think?

also gonna throw on it some gold strap pins, gold string tree, and a gold jack input cover thing to match.

so a final couple of questions.

do you see any problems i'm likely to run into?


when it comes to "setting up" the guitar, how easy would it be for me to adjust the saddles on the bridge? do i have to take it to a shop to have it done or could i do it? (not that i'm a complete novice, i've just not done it before so don't know if i'd have to adjust the truss rod etc when adding a new bridge and all that)

the tools i'll be using will be a drill, a router, a soldering iron & solder, and a sander if needs be.

so yeh, could this work? if so, how well do you think it would work? or has it got a very low chance of working.

i am fully aware that this won't be a USA custom shop strat, but i'd like to think it'll be better than what i buy. and as i'll have 'built' it it'll be something that i'll enjoy and hell, if it plays alright then i might use it more than any of my other guitars!

thanks for your feedback in advance and i'll be happy to answer any questions anyone might have whether it be here or if you PM me it.

cheers and have a nice day

edit: also gonna sand off squier or whatever's on the headstock and replace it with the John Mayer logo, as seen on the top and left of these hats http://www.strictlyfitteds.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/johnmayer_newera.jpg
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