Hi, I'm wanting to sell my '08, Cherry red, Gibson Explorer for cash for a cheap tele or two. I don't know how much to sell it for though, thats where you guys (hopefully) come in! Its used, there are a fair ammount of dings and scratches,and its faded a bit as its unfinished, but it plays extremely well. It has Dimarzio Eric Johnson custom pick ups in the neck and bridge posistion, but I have the orignal stock gibson pickups as well. The only reason I wanna sell it is that my hands just aren't quite big enough to confortably play it (my hands are more tele, strat material). Plays great, and I have the case for it too. Well thats all, I'd greatly appreciate some help pricing this. thanks
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any pics and how much you paid for it & the mods combined? and when...

i'd try and hazzard a guess but i might be MILES out so some info might be of help xD
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I live in southern Illinois, in a town called mount vernon. My camra is ****ed up so I'm not being able to post pics atm, sorry. but it looks just like the one in the link above, except with a black pic guard instead of a white one.
I haven't done any mods to it, just the pick up change, as mentioned in my first post. I paid $1000 for it new, and it came with a gibson hard case.
Cool man, thats enough for the teles I'm gonna buy; been watchin alot of vids on the Classic vibe squire series.
I've driven through Mt Vernon before. I think I stayed at that Holi-Dome there. Is that still there?

Anyway, use the Look Up link in my sig and you might be able to find some similar guitars as yours off craigslist and ebay. That would give you a good idea about where you need to be.

Thanks man, I don't know about that dome, it might be lol. 700-800 seems to be the average price judging by that site.