I'm looking for a new guitar up to 1400-1700$ and I've been to a guitar shop today and tried out Gibson LP Standard 2008 just out of curiosity...

and this thing sounds just >amazing< . It even sounded better than my 81/85 loaded Ibanez in metal music, clarity and heavy rich tone without tons of gain.

I play music like thrash, 80's metal, and my band plays the modern higain metalcore, drop C and stuff. Obviously the gibson will do great for that, no doubt.

But the thing is... The 90% of my guitarplaying at home is like Yngwie licks and stuff, practicing the neoclassical shred style. I really love it, but I'm not that good yet to include it in my bands songs as chugging palm muted power chords is obviously easier. I've tried to play some malmsteen stuff on the gibson but it wasn't quite THE tone for that. Still it felt way better than anything I played before.

Gibson is kind of expensive yeah, but it's like a guitar for many many years, and it's really wanted by the most of guitarists I know.

ATM I'm considering Ibanez Prestige 3550MZ, Fender YJM Signature Strat (sounds so great for me), and this wild card... Gibson Standard,- costs alot, I'd have to take up double work for a month, but I feel like it would stay with me forever really, so kind of like an investment

TLDR; Gibson Standard to play YJM, because its such an amazing guitar or forget it and get a real strat?
used prs might be right up your alley
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Well you said you love the guitar, I don't think it matters what you play on it. It's not like Yngwie is going to hear you playing his stuff on a Gibson, come to your house, and break all your possessions for it.
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Have you tried any PRS guitar? They look awesome,they sound great and they are very well built as well. And for the kind of money you are willing to afford you can find a great guitar. My next guitar is definitely gonna be a PRS.
if you like it, and it sounds and feels nice, why not? you don't have to always play a guitar that you feel belongs to a certain genre that you play...
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I can understand liking the feel of a Les Paul, but I personally wouldn't want one for that type of music. Maybe a Les Paul style with 24 frets and a longer scale? There are more options out there than a Les Paul or a Strat. The Ibby would probably be the best for neck access and profile, but there's no telling if you'll really be happy with the sound or feel. And if it has a tremolo, it'll complicate your alternate tunings.
If you are most comfortable on the les paul and like the sound buy it.

You dont have to replicate yngwies tone to play his style you know.
why don't you get the guitar you want?
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Well the thing is that I want both! :-) And even buying one of those expensive ones (gibson standard or yjm) would mean certain starving for few months, damn GAS!

What do you guys think about buying Made in Japan Strat + Gibson Studio? Two nice guitars instead of one fabulous? This way I'd be able to play stuff that I love and have a beautiful LP as well...