hi guys, I have for sale an ltd viper 400. its in excellent condition, has barely been played. its got a mahogany body, indian rosewood fretboard, XJ frets and EMG 81/85 inthe bridge and neck respectively. it includes a gator hardshell case. Also available is my whammy IV...its in decent shape, needs a new wallwart. Finally is a big muff pi inthe classic big case. this pedal is like new. will sell the viper for $400 USD, or all of it for 500. I'll accept offers or trade for a decent fender tele or 2x12 amp, such as a deville or jc120. I will be posting pictures soon, but if interested pm me your email address and I'll send them. I also apologize for bad grammar,I'm using a PS3 without a keyboard. Thanks!
Ill have pics tomorrow, when i get my computer fixed. I ll also check on shipping tomorrow too, as everything is closed in my town today.
sorry for double post, can,t edit on ps3...would ask around 75 for whammy since itsnot in new condition and needs a power supply. maybe less depending on shipping. big muff ill sell for 50, because it is in new condition.