I very much liked the intro, and the ambient stuff at about 4:30; I, however, think the "brutal" black metal stuff could have been toned down a bit. I know this is how this sort of music sounds but then again, if you try to soften it up you might broaden your appeal.

comment mine?

That is awesome, don't even think about softening it up to broaden your appeal. Reminds me kinda of Deathspell Omega. The drums sound thunderous but you could perhaps ease up on the cymbals a bit, they can drown out the guitars sometimes. I must say it doesn't seem like an almost 8 minute song, you've structured it really well so it never gets boring.
Wow this ****ing blewed my mind...very aggresive song.I my favorite part was that which started at 2:43.Man that was so ****ing black metal.It has some strange feeling and those palm mutes makes it soud so heavy.My only critic is that you should increase the volume of the lead at the ending riff cause i can hear it good.But overall that was a black metal masterpiece in my opinion. Rock on \m/(-_-)\m/
what do you mean by "filling up space" ...isnt all riffs practicaly for that?And yes the vocals would help the song alot but unfortunately i cant sing
What I could hear of the song sounded pretty cool. It has a raw sound to it that I dig. I'm really not a fan of Black Metal, and this was actually kind of nice to listen to because it's a bit different than the stuff I've heard in the genre before. The riffs are pretty aggressive and have some cool chord structures to them. I really liked the more atmospheric parts too, though the spacey delays and reverbs you had needed to be toned down a bit IMO.

However, the production quality on the song is really bad. The drums and the cymbals in particular are insanely bright, and drown out almost everything. Because the guitars are also really bright, they lie in the same EQ spectrum as the cymbals and have no body to them, which makes them extremely thin and doesn't allow them to cut through at all. It's very hard to hear a lot of the guitar playing, because of this. I realize this kind of music is supposed to sound more raw and less produced than the more mainstream genres of metal, but the mix on this is almost unlistenable (no offense!), which is too bad, because I feel like you have some really cool parts hidden in there.


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yeah its in the same EQ spectrum.Im not realy good at mastering and mixing so could you give me some advice on how the drums should be and the guitars too?
The intro is sexy, and damn wtf brutal out of nowhere. These are really legit riffs! I don't know anything about production, sorry can't offer any help but i can say you're on to something real evil great job on this, songwriting and execution is amazing. Oh yeah, the intro clean riff reminds me of Immortal I'm not sure what exactly but I've heard them pull something like this off on one of their albums. Maybe it was Sons of Northern Darkness? anyway real great stuff

Nice synths in the intro. Clean guitar sounds kinda weird but cool. Not sure about drum sound, hi hats seems a bit out of control and way too loud. I agree with what MatrixClaw said about the production. The riffs are very good though. The cymbals are playing a weird pattern around the 4min mark, although the guitars are nice at the point. Like it when the clean guitar comes again, probably my favourite part of the song. The kick and snare are noticeably quiet in this section though. Sounds good when you go back to the heavy part.
It's pretty good song, just sort out the production a bit, especially the cymbals.