The towerman is lonely,
Sitting high above the ground,
Searching for an answer,
For a truth that can't be found.

He looks over the gardens,
At the earth so green and fair,
But still he finds no solace,
And not a soul to care.

But then he hears the singing,
Of a maiden soft and fair,
Floating like a feather,
To his tower in the air.

So he steps down from the guardhouse,
To find that sweetest sound,
In the gardens of his life,
A meaning he has found.

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I kind of like how you were like "**** having a chorus" here because its really not needed. It is a little short though!
nice peice of writing especially when he is hypothesis by the maidens voice
Really nice! I also like your idea to put an instrumental for the chorus!
Sort of reminds me of something Jimi would write. Short sweet and to the point.

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