Hello there UG community I'm stuck between to amps. I like the tones that I hear out of both of them and they are pretty close in price. I'v seen them on Ebay for around $200 used. I play rock punk and a little bit of blues. What one would you guys recommend.
The jet city is better suited for crunchy balls out rock. The fender is better suited for light break up and blues along with pretty good clean tones. Pretty different amps. Try both of them and see which one you like better. For rock Jet city for blues Fender. Which will you be playing more.
^ pretty good synopsis

They are voiced much differently from each other. I really suggest you try to play them somewhere first. I feel that the Blues Jr has more character than the JCA20. The JCA20 was a bit thin for me but as mentioned - may be better suited for your rock and punk stuff.