I've been on the market for a smaller tube combo for a while, and still haven't decided on what to get! My budget is, let's say 1500USD, although I could maybe push it a little higher if need be. I'd like to stay well below if possible to leave room for pedals and other toys

So here's what I need: Something that can do praise/worship rock as well as enough gain for my prog/thrash metal band. Most of the distortion should be coming from the amp, my current dirt pedal isn't on my board and I'd have to do a lot of shuffling to get it there, but I do have a OD on it. I'd also like it to have pretty good cleans, I play some jazz, and to take pedals well. The amp would have to be small enough to be fairly easily portable and not too loud (will mostly be playing smaller venues (50-60ish people)) and would like to be able to use it in my dorm.

Pedals I'll be running into it: Wah, tuner, OD, clean boost, chorus, delay. Looking to get a phaser hopefully soon.

I'm thinking a 112 combo or possible a lunchbox amp/112 cab. I looked at the Vox AC15, but I'm not sure if that'll get brutal enough for the metal. Same thing with the Mesa TA-15. The Carr Artemus sounded monstrous, but same issues (and it's just a tad expensive). Anyways, thanks in advance for the suggestions!
You should take a look at a Peavey Vypyr 120 Tube (or a smaller model, if need be). I have one and it sounds amazing. It comes set with a bunch of models of amps and effects built in (including a Krankenstein for Dimebag =D) It sounds really nice, and a few friends of mine have different models of the Vypyr series and they all sound great! The one I have (the 120) is about $500-$800, depending on where you buy it. It was a replacement to my Line 6 Spider Jam amp after it caught fire, and it totally blows it away in every aspect. Goodluck man!
I don't think the Vypyr is quite what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for a modeling amp, I have a pretty nice board to take care of my effects. I currently have a Twin Reverb which was fine when I was playing in a classic rock band with my distortion pedal, but it's way to loud and bulky for what I'm doing now.
I would highly suggest you look at the Egnater Renegade head for $999. I've seen them go for $700 used. The TA is cool too but man the knob/switch layout on the front drives me crazy.

The Renegade has 2 channels and ships with both 6L6 and EL34 tubes. It then has the 'tube mix' knob that you can blend them together with. It can also take other types of power tubes Best set up for me is set one channel to 6L6 and the other channel to EL34. You can then, by channel, run at either 65 watts or 18 watts or set up Reverb and different Masters/EQ per channel. Lots of fun. True Marshall grit and Fender cleans in one amp and I don't say that about too many amps.

Def worth a look - especially if you enjoy your Fender cleans now.

Good luck!
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for around 1500 you could even get a Hiwatt combo at MF.
If you're going with the TransAtlantic, I'd go for the TA30 instead of the 15 for gigging. I second the Egnater Renegade as well.
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