Hello all,

My Korg PItchblack appears to be messed up!

Even with new batteries, several problems occur. Firstly, when I try to go into true bypass, a sort of popping noise is heard.

SEcondly, it will not tune! THat is, it will do nothing except for occasionally displaying the B pitch (regardless of which pitch I actually play on my guitar....)

ANyone have this problem?

Thank you
I have a Pitchblack as well.

As far as the popping, that is typical with true bypass pedals. It shouldn't happen all the time, but it does happen to me every once in a while and is one of the disadvantages of true bypass pedals.

As far as it not tuning, it sounds like it's not even reading your guitar at all. Usually when I leave any tuner on but not plugged into a guitar, it usually gives me a B or a Bb. I have had a problem when mine did the same thing as yours. I was using a 1spot adapter and decided to try a 9-volt battery instead. It solved the problem. A few days later, I tried it with the adapter again and it worked fine. That was almost a year ago. It's weird... I know that probably didn't help, but just letting you know I have had similar problems.
Does the guitar sound still come through in your amp? I mean the problem could be in your guitar...
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Oh yeah the knob is turned up (hehe), and the guitar DOES come crystal clear through the amp (but not when in true bypass, of course).

And yeah, I've been using a one spot.

BUT I replaced the batteries, took out the one spot, and am still having the problem!

Call me crazy, but sometimes I've found that cables can be haunted (in terms of only working with certain combinations, or when the moon is just right and jupiter aligns with mars....)

Thanks for everyones help thus far!
Erm, have you checked that your Pitchblack is in guitar and not bass mode? You could have accidentally flipped it to tune for bass.
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