hi guys Im here with a challenge (maybe not)
A friend of mine just recently bought a "gibson les paul" and now he is selling it, very ****ing cheap, about 300 dollars, it seemed suspicious and then he sent me pics:

the body looks ok, maybe a little opaque, but then the headstock:

yeah, weird, I'm almost sure Its fake because there isn't such a thing as a gibson "Classic" but I want to be completely sure, thanks
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Dude there totally is a les paul classic, its on musicians friend...

Anyways, it looks legit but any chance you could see it in person first?

EDIT: pics prove nothing if you don't even know for sure if they took the picture, I could get any picture and say it's my guitar
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Headstock is wrong, unless its the angle of the photo. It doesn't seem to have the symmetrical "open book" look to the top.
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doesnt the classic have like an orangish toggle switch? or does that not matter?
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well I personally know the guy and have seen pics of him with this guitar so this IS the guitar, and really? because I couldnt find on musicians friend or elsewhere a les paul with that stuff on the headstock
-Dean Dave mustaine vmnt
-Ibanez Rg550 90'
The usual tells of a fakie aren't there, but for $300 it's either not real or the guy selling it has no idea what he's doing with his life. Go see it in person, clear the headstock open book styling, check the serial number and most importantly play it. If you love it you might want to buy it anyway (except that you'd be supporting the knockoff guitar market!! )
well I really love/want a gibson you know? yeah just because its a gibson
-Dean Dave mustaine vmnt
-Ibanez Rg550 90'
also check the control cavity. thatll be a dead giveaway usually
"When losers say it's over with you know that it's a lie
The gods made heavy metal and it's never gonna die"
now that i'm realizing, it kinda looks legit. if it really IS real, snag it.
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Are you sure your friend isn't just stupid?


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ok if this is a friend he should be able to tell you how he got it etc.

what he paid, to who, where, when etc...

the pup cavity & control cavity etc will tell if it's fake or not.

2 pics from anywhere don't mean squat.

we need more, and more clear shots to really be able to say one way or the other. maybe someone will see something i don't. where's drew?

also, maybe ask your friend how he managed to get it in the first place?

i didn't realize that classics had the word "classic" under the word les paul on the headstock AND the trc. i thought they all said "model" under Les Paul. but i haven't played a lot of classics.

yea a nib shot would tell too. V there.
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Go look at it, if the binding on the neck goes over the frets it's real!
I recently got scammed with a Les Paul, If you need any advice, feel free to PM me, i've looked into it in great depth!
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