Really generic riffs. The sweeping was reminiscent of The Human Abstract's Vela, Together We Await the Storm. The lead tone was too thin (try the neck pickup). the rhythm tone was a little on the grainy side. The vocals were kind of silly sounding (and reminded me of Orphaned Land, now that I think about it). That said, it was passable.
Thank you for describing it as generic. That is EXACTLY the sound we are going for. The vocals were supposed to sound extremely silly. I mean the lyrics are: Trees are green, like copper, copper is a metal, I like metal, I play it, soI like the jungle.

And yeah the recording quality isn't that great but we don't have great recording equipment so we had to make do.
i was just coming on here to post this haha.

written and recorded in one hour.
Reaching out to embrace the random,
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.