Ok, here's my dilemma:

I like my flanger placed in the FX loop, it sounds like ass in front of the amp. I like my analog delay in front of the amp. It's too quiet and subdued in the FX loop.

Here's the issue: I like to blend my flanger and delay together, but I'm not digging modulated echoes (from having the flanger after the delay). However, moving either pedal from their ideal place makes the other one sound bad. Is there a way of running my pedal chain so that I have good modulation without sacrificing delay volume? Do I need a boost of some sort?

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My ordering of pedals (which is not a big set because i only use very little effects) if from first to last is Distortion-Delay-Chromatic-Wah. Tahts all i use. If you have suggestions for otehr cool pedals jsut send me a message ill look into it. I want a loop one next.
My current setup is... 2 pedalboards, switched with an ABY at the front of the first and the rear of the second. This switches between the 2 boards effectively.

Guitar->Tuner->Volume->EQ->Wah->ABY Switch->OD->Fuzz->Reverb->ABY Switch->Noise Gate->Looper->Amp.

2nd. board has OD->OD/Distortion->Distortion->Distortion->Harmonist->Chorus.

This allows me to switch between OD/Fuzz/Reverb and a selection of OD and distortion pedals. I also have a variety of other pedals for specific uses that I can add as needed.

I don't know if this is the "correct" way, but it works, keeps noise to a minimum (never hear it) and allows me a wide variety of sounds.
Just had a thought: Would isolating my delay with a pedal like the Boss LS-2 help? It has a level function for the loops. I could keep the delay permanently "on" in the loop and use the loop to boost the delay when I switch to the loop with delay.

Would this make my delay more noticeable, or just make it muddy and/or give a general volume increase?
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If the delay is in the FX loop, in order to switch it in and out, you would need 2 switches I think. One in front of it and one behind. Unless that is the only one you have in the loop. ???
Nah, the LS-2 IS it's own loop. You can set it to do a multitude of things, I just wonder if using it to change the output when I switch the delay in will help...
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But you're running it as an end ABY for 2 separate pedal chains? Couldn't you just run them both through the LS-2 and switch between loop A and loop B depending on which one you want to use?

I would test this, but alas, I do not own one. Perhaps if there was someone willing to try such a setup for me, and inform me as to whether it'll do what I want... Yea ok, so I'll beg: Pleeeeaaaase?

EDIT: I'll make a trip to my local shop at a later date, for some reason I thought they were discontinued... Must've been thinking of some other Boss pedal...
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I never thought about that possibility. Never even tried all the possible ways to use that pedal, there's just too many. I'll set that up tomorrow morning and let you know.
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Glad I could be of service. No chance you tried isolating a delay in the loop?
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Errr, uhhhh, ummmm...NO! OK, gimme a few hours and I will set that up and see what happens. Let me know what and how you want checked out. I got a few pedals ( ) so I can try out just about anything. It only takes me a few mins to switch it around.
Well, I did it, I setup 2 loops, both with just 1 pedal each followed by another pedal. So the last pedal works for both loops. The delay was in one loop by itself. I even filmed it, but the video was set to HD and is over 300Mb for 75 seconds of movie. I'll try to drop down the resolution if I can and upload it to Youboob so you can see it work. Anywho, got any special things you wanna see? I can re-do it and show you if you want.
I basically just wanted to see if isolating the delay with the LS-2 and using the boost on it to make it louder but not muddy... So I suppose if you wanted to get in depth, try a delay outside of the LS-2, and then again in it with the loop booster up a bit (All in an FX loop, if you have one). If you don't get around to it's no big, I'll probably stop by the shop after work and try it myself.

Thanks though, I'll watch the video when I get the chance.
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Herpderp... Your video essentially shows what happened when I stopped by at the shop after work and tested it. I got to screw around with the LS-2's boosts, however, they didn't yield the results I had hoped for. While the idea of having footswitchable loops in a single pedal is awesome, I no longer use enough pedals to need separate loops.

The LS-2's boosts didn't make the delay I used it with muddy, but instead it just gave the amp a general volume boost. I appreciate the vid, but you don't need to do anything else for me. I think I'm on the fence now about getting a new analog delay, but seeing as how my amp needs yet another repair, I think it can wait a few more months.

On the other hand, I may look into the loop on my amp itself, as I'm unsure if it's a standard type of loop. (None of the amps at the shop had labelled loops. Mine's listed as +8db)

Whatever, I'm in no rush. Thanks again!
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