Hi guys, I recently sent out my Boss MT-2 to get modded by Keeley, but as the pedal was gone for a while I got a new amp and set up a whole different system for distortion... I just got the pedal back from Keeley yesterday and it works great and sounds fantastic! I just like my new rig better So anyways, all that being said, Im willing to part ways with this pedal for $110 or if anyone has a noise suppressor they would like to trade I would be happy to work out a deal. You can email me at Schecterplayer21@hotmail.com if you have any inquires.. Sorry for small picture sizes...

Boss MT-2: Metal Zone w/ Keeley Twilight Mod:
pedal 2.jpg
pedal 3.jpg
pedal 4.jpg
pedal 5.jpg
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