I'm moving out of asia and back home to europe for university this summer, I can take almost everything by hand except my fender amp which weighs over 20kg. It would seem that normal shipping (FedEx for example) would be my best bet but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on different companies or just advice in general on the matter? Thanks!!
maybe get a large suitcase and pack it
could be cheaper
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Quote by AXmichigan
maybe get a large suitcase and pack it
could be cheaper

It would have to be huge and heavy padded. I trust airport baggage carriers as much as shipping carriers. And I mean not at all. It would probably be beat to hell and back worse than through FedEx.

I suspect the amp is tube, yes?
Take out the tubes before shipping and either take them with you are wrap them separately. That way you will be protecting the tubes and the amp itself.
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