ok, so the emg 707 is just a 7 string version of the emg 85, and the emg 85 tends to be more bassy than the emg 81.

so........ why is it that all of the 7 string guitars i've seen all come with emg707 pickups but not any emg81-7?

since the emg81-7 is more trebly sounding, i thought it would handle the low b string better? wouldn't the low b sound muddier with the emg707 than with the emg81-7?
I have played on many guitars having 707's in the bridge position, I wouldn't say the 707 has the same sound of an emg 81 it is a bit smoother. Emg have also done something to the pickup's new pole because the b string doesn't go muddy unless your guitar has a short scale. The 707 also gives you a heavier lead which many metal players love.
My EMG707's in my Agile pick up the low B just fine. Mind you they are 18v modded (Got it that way, used) but still. I've played several guitars with normal 707s and it was fine. Never played one with an EMG 81-7
81-7 = Ceramic magnet. If you like an 81 in a 6 string, you'll like this in your 7.
707 = Alnico magnet. If you like an 85 in a 6 string, you'll like this in your 7.
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