We've all done it. We've taken something we've recorded and just abused the shit out of it. Lets share.

Today, I was working on some mixes for one of the bands I play with. I started onto mixing the vocals. I started out normal, adding some EQ and compression to it and a reverb bus prefader. My singer wanted to add some harmony but didn't want to sing again. My solution, Waves Doubler. Then, I accidentally toggled 2 of the 4 harmonies to shift an octave down. He liked it. Those then got a separate delay & reverb post fader on top of getting sent prefader as well. But, it didn't stop there. No, I got the bright idea to bus it out again but run it through a Big Muff & Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier post fader. But were not done there. It was also run through again with a whammy in front of that chain harmonizing everything down an octave again. Yes, were ****ing nuts.

TL;DR: Vocals & Doubler + Vocals & Reverb + Vocals, doubler, delay & reverb + Vocals, doubler, delay, reverb, Big Muff & Mesa + Vocals, doubler, delay, reverb, Whammy, Big Muff & Mesa = WTF?

It turned out better than I thought, I'll post when the song is done.
Derpy Derp Derp Herp Derp

Do share.
You've got me interested in how that's gonna sound.
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Sounds really quite interesting, can't wait to hear that.
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
I tried to cover an electro-house song recently so I spent a lot of time tweaking one of the instruments to make it sound as close to the song as possible. I built the instrument from scratch using 3 oscillators then threw in a limiter early since I have a volume automation where the compressor is removed. The compressor, in this case, is used to get a pumping effect since it is side-chained with the kick. Then I have an EQ raising the lows. After that, I tossed in a dynamic tube effect to get the sound a bit grittier on the lows. I threw in a delay effect that allows me to control the left and right channels. I have the left at 1ms delay and the right at 10ms delay and the dry/wet at 100%. All this does is make the sound wider without me having to copy the track and move it back a few milliseconds. Then I have a high-pass filter which again gets automated. Afterwards, I throw in a harmonic maximizer plugin with a slight mid-high boost and finish it with another limiter. There is a send (which is automated) that leads to a reverb.

So this is the instrument chain:

3xOsc > Limiter > Compressor (side-chained w/Kick) > EQ > Dynamic Tube > Stereo Delay > HP Filter > Harmonic Maximizer > Limiter (send > Reverb)

Yay! In the end, I figure whatever was done in the real song probably didn't require this long of an fx-chain. But seeing as I made it from scratch with just oscillators, I don't really care. The song is "I Remember" and you can find it uploaded on my UG profile.