This is the first thing I ever composed, took about a week to write. No idea what genre it would be placed under. The drums should be better but I'm a noob at guitar pro and the way you put beats together on it was a bit confusing for me.

Also, somehow I managed to screw up bar 6 on the guitar so it's exceeded the amount. I'd greatly appreciate if someone told me how to correct it without messing up the sound.
For the 6th bar you'll either have to add another bar between bar 6 and 7 or delete the accented note and turn the last A note into a 1/8 note. Can't see how else you can fix it. Adding a bar will make it sound off, since you will have to make the added bar in the time signature of 3/8 before what you wrote will fit into the bar, but then at the next bar you have to make it 4/4 again. That will definitely mess up the sound. So I'd go with deleting the accented note and altering the duration of the A.

For a first composition it's not bad. Not my style though.
It's kind of a mash of notes to me, but I'm sure the first one I made wasn't as good as this. It isn't too bad, but just real boring. keep practicing and get more creative