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First off, I realise there is a very similar thread in this forum right now, that guy just has slightly different needs to me, so I'm going ahead with this thread.

I'm a guitarist of 8 years or so and my dad of 52 is asking for my family to buy him a Bass for his birthday. Absolute beginner. I'm just looking for a nice beginners Bass and combo amp for him.

He says he wants to be able to play with me and my sister (a beginner drummer) when their skills are up to it, so he needs an amp able to jam with a rock-size drum kit (and my 100W marshall I suppose- though its capable of being quieter than the drums). He wants to play stuff like Muse and Radiohead, so something with a dirty channel and footswitch would be great, otherwise he says he'll buy a Big Muff or a Bass Distortion.

But anyway, I'm looking for a combination that will work well for those styles just for jamming at home. I'm only really interested in buying new as its a birthday present. My budget would probably be around $300-400AUD and maybe a bit more for a Muff. Maybe willing to stretch that if there is something vastly superior for less than $600.

So I reckon a Squier P-bass or Jazz Standard? I have no idea about amps though...
What would you guys suggest?


tl;dr: I'm buying a Beginner's Bass and Bass Amp for my dad's birthday. Suggestions?
Anything from the Squier Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe series will do. Great bass guitars. They cost something around 300. For an amp I'd look for an Ashdown. Not expensive but great quality. A friend of mine is using his for years now.
Let your dad buy the Big Muff.
That sounds like my house. The Squier P-bass would be a great beginner bass. I still have my first Squier guitar (it's 28 years old now). For an amp it sounds like you need something more than a beginner. What do you have available for used equipment in Australia? I'm not real familiar with bass amps. I have a 30 watt Crate practice amp that can keep up with my wife playing drums but for a bass, 50 watts or more would be better. You would probably want to go with a 15" speaker too. Peavey maybe??
Yeah, let your dad buy the pedal. Dad's usually have more disposable income!!
There's a Squier VM Jazz on OzBassForum at the mo' for $300. I highly suggest jumping on it as the VM Jazzes run around $700 new and it'll make a brilliant starter bass for him. Here's a link.
As for the amp... Check out the amplifier classifieds on there too for a little combo, scour eBay and keep an eye for for sale items locally. Look for something about 50-100 watts, which should be fine for just home jams, you're not cranking that JCM up to 11 are you?

EDIT: There's a Marshall MB30 on there for $60, they're not great amps by any stretch of the imagination but it might get the job done. Behringer aren't really a safe bet for amps even if their price/power seems appealing. They don't have a good track record for QC.
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Cheers guys, this is a great start for me

@SWilson: I'm not really that familiar with the used market in Australia, let alone the used bass gear market, so I cant tell you

@consecutive e: thanks for the tip. I'll definitely give it a look.
I only turn the Marshall up to 1 at home. Not its best tones, but better than my shitty old fender SS amp. But dont worry, it gets plenty of outside use And I'd never buy behringer gear. Ever.
OzBass, eBay and depending on where you're located, the Melband, Perth Bands and etc Forums are going to be your best bet for used gear. There's also Music Swop Shop if you're in Melbourne, but they might ship. I've never asked.
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