my dad went to overseas a while ago and i asked him to bring back some elixir guitar strings as they are about half price i asked him to some heavy electric guitar strings. a few weeks after my dad came back with medium strings and he told me that guy at the store recomended him not to buy heavy strings for an electric. i decided to try them to get a better tone as i use shortscale guitars. so why did he not recomend heavy strings???????
Maybe because the guy at the store didn't know you had a short scale?

A lot of clueless people tend to think electric guitars = shredders = thin strings to shred.

I personally prefer thick strings as well, but not too thick like the .60+ people use on their 7s.

I have .13 - .56 on my 7.
I've always thought string thickness was all preference. I know Brendon Small and Alexi Laiho are both thick string uses and are shredders. So I'm not really sure the logic comes from.
Heavy strings are used when detuning, I use 10-56's for E standard to one and a half steps down and I use 11-54's for Drop B.

Also tunings and strings are a funny subject, I've known/know people who are very knowledgeable in music but are quite noobish when it comes to tunings. There are alot of people who don't understand tunings once lower than Drop C.

May I ask what tuning(s) you use?
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dont really know the "musical terms" i use half step down tuning alot aswell as half step down tuning drop D (so drop C#???). so right now im using mediums but im gonna try some heavys
Try 10-52s or 10-56s, they hold the sound for those tunings really well
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its all preference... but i've found the fast majority of music stores are run by people that know next to nothing beyond their own playing style.. ie. country and folk or whatever.. the only downside to real heavy strings imo is you usually need to raise the action a wee bit...

i use a baritone set on my les paul.. lol... 13-63 for C standard... tension wise they are about the same as a set of 10's in E standard...
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For Drop C#, 10-52's should be pretty good, maybe 11-54's if you want it a little tighter.
As has been said, it's really all just preference. There are no rules when it comes to string gauge, it's just down to what you like, what feels good to you, and to a lesser extent, what sound good to you (I have noticed that different brands to have slightly different tones).
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First thing he did wrong was listen to a salesman.
Guitar store or not take what they say with a grain of salt I have more than once been told things that are totally false so that they could push their sale items.

strings are just like pretty much everything in the instrument world its all up to the user whether its right or wrong.
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its all about preference. personally i can't stand light strings and always go with something chunky, like not even slinkys. also i've never heard a music store employee say anything that made sense.
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yea thanks guys, i have mediums on my guitar right now but im going to try some heavys next and c if i like them