Well guys I'm planning on getting a Musicman Stingray 4 String Bass around the end of this year or something, and i was thinking i might aswell get a better amp while im at it. Something that could suit a Musicman i suppose, all i have now is my starter pack, i started playing like 6months ago lol

btw if this helps, i like to play metalcore, rock maybe some funk so yea and in the future stuff like RHCP

oh and does anybody know what amp Chris Wolstenholme from Muse uses, just curious because i see a lot of vids of people using guitar amps instead.

Thanks in advance g
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I'm pretty sure he uses Ampeg. Not sure of the model. For your price range, I think it's best to go used though. Depends if you want a combo or a head and cab(s)
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yea thats pretty much why im on UG, i'm clueless bout this stuff, only started learning bass for like 6months so far :P
hmm what do you think it'll take, i dont need anything really, i only really play on my own
look into some Peavy stuff, mine is $75 or so and its pretty good, clean sound, simple tone control, and it can get damn loud
nah bro i need something suitable for like metalcore/rock. im not quite sure where i should start from
For $300 you can get a decent amp. Peavey MK's 4,5,6 etc are for sale all the time, they are bullet proof and provide better than decent tone.

IMO youd be better served by taking the $$ you are going to spend on the MM Ray($1200-1500 or so) and get a Ray 34 SBMM(used about $400). These are awesome axes for the money and are easily upgradable with Barts or Darkstars. Then spending the left over scratch on a nice cab.

So many time I see people with kick ass amps and bass but a crap cab. They sound like mud.
I've been very impressed with my Fender Rumble amp. I've got the 100, but if you only play on your own that might be a bit overkill. I was originally looking at the rumble 60, and looked at similarly priced amps from marshall, laney and roland, among others i can't remember. The rumble was by far the best IMO, and i then decided to upgrade to the 100 as it wasnt much more expensive.
hey thanks Sam Hain, i've been hearing a lot about Sam Hains, i'm still trying to know more about this Cable/Heads stuff, i'm new to all this Bass stuff so yea. And i think i'm gonna stay with getting a better quality Musicman because when i get this, i'm planning to stick with it for a while so that i won't need to get anything else.

Thanks for the advice, imma look for some good Fender/Peaveys, i might even settle for a second hand, but im not sure bout it.