At first I didn't really like it but then came bar 4 in and tied it all together and after that little run I really liked the riff. :P

It's a nice riff, but after some time it starts to get a bit boring. Are you going to use vocals? Because you really need to spice it up somehow. More dramatic drums, another instrument, a variation, a little melody over it.

It's a nice, very heroic-ly sounding song and I absolutely love the solo and my only complaint is the overusage of that riff.
What Cheesy said
I didn't understand the first 4 bars until it played the riff same riff again. But then it was the same riff again and again, kinda got boring so I stopped listening after the solo. Nice solo, btw
Yeah, there would definitely be vocals, which would hopefully break the monotony of THAT riff. I'll look into perhaps changing things up though, thanks guys!
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