Thanks alot for the feedback on my track. Never heard the original (Or heard of this band) so I can't compare it to that but it was a very solid lo-fi recording with alot of character. It's kinda hard to hear the lyrics in the recording because of the quality but your vox seemed good. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the sound of the guitar, I love it when you get that sound like the Guitar is growling out of a tin can lol. Great aspect to lo-fi recordings like this. Great job my man, I'll definitely have to check out the original too soon.
Cheers dude. I appreciate the feedback. My vocals always seem to be quiet in the mix, probably because I rarely record tracks separately, I feel awkward playing the guitar without singing and singing without playing the guitar. Bad situation, I need two mics.

And hey other people I always do C4C so please tell me what you think.